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Christmas Photos

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A tradition in our family was to line up, or stack up, for a family photo in pajamas every Christmas Eve. These are some of those pictures.

Mary, Chris, Ted, Richard: 47

Richard, Ted, Mary, Chris: 46

Mom at home: 42

Mom with Richard: 43

Richard, Mary, Chris, Ted: 48

Chris, Ted, Richard: 49

Richard, Tim, Ted, Mary, Chris: 50

Tim in chair; Mary, Grandmother Dorothy Cayen holding Barbara; Richard, Chris, Ted: 52

Richard, Chris in front; Ted, Tim, Mary: 51

Mary, Tim, Ted, Chris in front; Mom, Richard, Dad, Barb: 53

Gram holding Don; Richard, Mary, Chris in back; Barb, Ted, Tim: 54

Richard, mom, Ted, Chris,Tim, Mary, Don, Barb, Robin: Xmas 56

Mom holding Ann, dad holding Steve, Richard, Robin, Tim, Ted, Bard, Mary: 59

Don, Richard, Chris, Ted, Tim (burned around), Mary holding Robin, Barb: 55

Ted holding Ann, Barb, Robin, Don, Tim holding Steve: 61

Ted, Tim, Barb,Don, Robin holding Sylvia, Steve, Ann Tom: 62

Tim, Ted, Chris, Richard, Mary, Barb holding Steve, Robin, Don: 60