3rd Generation

This series of images shows eight generations of our family on Betty Como’s side. Click for larger view.

Through the work of family genealogist Tim Como, we have traced the family of Elizabeth May (Betty) Cayen Como (1923-1969) through 3 centuries and dozens of surnames. Fortunately, we have images of many family members acquired from the collections of Betty’s mother, Mary Dorothy Walling Cayen, (1900-1977), her sister Philomena (Aunt Fanny) Martin and cousin David Martin. Through this website, we also have made contact with distant cousins who have supplied additional images. Here are those in our posssession. Click on any image for an enlargement.

The family of Mary Dorothy Walling Cayen...

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Images of Mary Dorothy Walling Cayen except above right, which is her first daughter.

Mary Dorothy Walling (1900-1977) was the only child of William Christopher Walling Jr. (1880-1932) and Catherine LaFlair (1880-1942). She married Edward Pitrie Cayen (1900-1954) on Oct. 29, 1931 and they had two children, Elizabety May Cayen Como (1923-1969) and Philomena (Fanny) Cayen Martin (1925-). They resided at 923 Congress St., Ogdensburg, NY.

Images of Catherine LaFlair Walling, Mary Dorothy Walling Cayen’s mother.

Catherine LaFlair (1880-1942) was among four children of Louis N. LaFlair (1882-1897) and Mary Polly (1845-1922), the others being Joseph Frank LaFlair (1868-), Mary Violet LaFlair, (1870-1943), and Emma LaFlair(1886-). Joseph married Mary Jennie Kais (1872-), Mary married Samuel Boyer (1865-1945) and Emma married her first cousin, Harvey N. LaFlair (1887-1953) Photo 4th from left shows Catherine with her mother-in-law, Philomena Cayen Pitre.

Mary’s father, William Christo-pher Walling, Jr.

William Christopher Walling (1990-1932) was the son of William C. Walling Sr. (1860-) and Alice Wicks (1862-1931). The couple also had a daughter, Edith Walling (1884-1954) who married Ernest Russell (1880-1958).

Edward Pitrie Cayen (1900-1954) was the son of of Joseph Rudolph Cayen (Pitre) (1868-1917) and Philomena Robillard (1871-1947) He had one brother, John, (1903-1952) seen in three images at right. We discovered that Rudolph had changed his name from Pitre, a line we now trace to 1636 and Jean Pitre, born in Belgium.

Mary’s husband Edward Cayen

From left, Mary’s grandmother, Mary Polly (1845-1922), Mary Polly later in life; Mary Polly’s sister Martha Polly (1845-); Mary’s grandmother, Delilah Matteson (1812-1899); her grandfather, Louis N. LaFlair (1822-1897); her first cousin, Carrie LaFlair, (1893-), daughter of Joseph Frank LaFlair (Catherine LaFlair’s brother); and below right, her aunt Emma LaFlair, (Catherine LaFlair’s sister) and immediate right, a group of workers that includes her grandfather, Louis N. LaFlair,  his brother James (1817-1900) and three of James’ sons.     

Mary’s Other Relatives...

More relatives of Mary Dorothy Walling Cayen

From left, Addie Robillard (1881-1961), Eddie Cayen’s aunt (sister of his mother, Philomena Robillard); a family group shot that includes Eddie Cayen, his mother and daughter and a number of unknown relatives; Arthur Knight and Ruth Boyer (Ruth was a daughter of Samuel Boyer and Mary Violet LaFlair and Dorothy Cayen’s first cousin (Dorothy’s mother Catherine LaFlair and Ruth’s mother Mary Violet LaFlair were sisters); Mary Violet Boyer (Hurry), Dorothy Walling Cayen’s aunt and sister of her mother, Catherine LaFlair; Dorothy Walling Cayen and Mary Violet Boyer Hurry; group shot playing cards of Arthur Knight, Mary LaFlair Boyer, Emily LaFlair, and Dorothy Hurry (Arthur Knight married Ruth LaFlair, Mary Violet LaFlair Boyer’s daughter while Mary and Emily are sisters of Catherine LaFlair, mother of Dorothy Walling; Margaret Ruth Boyer Knight and husband Arthur Knight standing beside old car (Margaret was the daughter of Mary Violet LaFlair, Catherine LaFlair’s sister); and lastly, a group shot of the Paquette family reunion (Paquettes are related through an Irish connection)   

Boyer/ LaFlair family photos

Several family photos of Samuel Boyer (1870-1943), wife Mary Violet LaFlair Boyer (1870-1943) and their children (Mary Violet was a sister of Catherine LaFlair Walling, mother of Mary Dorothy Walling Cayen) and the Joseph LaFlair family.

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Above are photos of Mary’s grandmother, Mary Polly and her sister Martha. At right is another sister of Mary Polly - Delilah Ann Polly (1836-1916.)  We have a full page of photos of her descendants thanks to Barbara Bradley of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Barbara is Delilah’s great, great-granddaughter. Among the images are a number of unknown family members.

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Unknown Family Members

The images above (click for larger views) and some others on this page are courtesy of Steve Barcombe and Brian Warren. Steve is the son of Ruth Marie Warren, daughter of Martha Mae Boyer (1900-1956) and William Henry Warren. Martha was a daughter of Samuel Boyer (1865-1945) and Mary Violet LaFlair (1870-1943). Mary LaFlair was a sister of Catherine LaFlair Walling (1880-1942), mother of Mary Dorothy Walling Cayen. Brian Warren is a son of William S. Warren, brother to Ruth Marie Warren.